Motor Trader

Chips Yap has been reporting on the motor industry for 40 years, covering a broad spectrum of topics from industry developments to new product evaluations. He specialised as a motoring journalist and started three motor magazines in Malaysia, as well as served in various roles for other publications and websites.

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Motor Trader

Keshy Dhillon has been a motoring journalist for the past 12 years and has worked up the ranks and order from being a Junior Writer to a Managing Editor, He has also established some well known publications including websites, magazines and newspaper pull outs. Keshy specialises in both cars and motorcycles and has an avid eye for photo and videography.

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Motor Trader

Driving has been always a passion for this person, be it on the road, racetrack and even in the virtual world. Having a creative background and a tech geek, this writer sees cars as a beautiful marriage of technology and design.



Motor Trader

Previously involved in the education industry for many years, Sep has always retained the burning desire in acquiring knowledge about cars and bikes ever since he was young. With the passion for anything that has engines and wheels, he is always eager to learn and share anything and everything related to the mesmerising art of vehicular motion.

Email: sepirran{at}